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LA Nails and Day Spa

Address:3211 W Main St
Norman OK 73072

Business Hours:

10:00 am - 09:00 pm
12:00 pm - 06:00 pm

Skin Care

L.A. Salon Rejuvenating Facial

Custom facial based on individual elemental nature and aromas. 30 minutes $40 60 minutes $60

Botanical skin Resurfacing

An intense exfoliation treatment softening fine lines, wrinkles and decreasing pore size, leaving skin radiant 30 minutes $45 60 minutes $70

Acne Relief Facial

Treatment designed specifically for excessively oily & acne prone skin 30 minutes $45 60 minutes $70

Gentlemen’s Hot towel Treatment

This facial incorporates the traditional hot towel technique with aromatherapy for the ultimate experience 30 minutes $40 60 minutes $60


Treatment designed for rouble some acne on your shoulder & back 30 minutes $45 60 minutes $70

Children’s Facial

A fun way to pamper kids ages 6-12 & promote good hygiene 30 minutes $30

Hight Frequency

An electrical current is used to zap acne causing bacteria and wipe out excess oil… $5 added to Facial or $10 per session

Glycolic Peel

Increase collagen, improve skin color, texture and tone – diminishes acne, reduce fine lines & wrinkles or —–$50 per session

Enzyme peel

Peels skin & enhance the natural exfoliation process – restore hydration & refresh skin texture —–$50 per session

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