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LA Nails and Day Spa

Address:3211 W Main St
Norman OK 73072

Business Hours:

10:00 am - 09:00 pm
12:00 pm - 06:00 pm


1. Spa Pedicure ——-$25

– SEA ROCKS SOAK: Ues to clean and deodorize feet with natural antiseptic oils. Hydrates and soften skin. Reduces inflammation.
CUTICLE TREATMENT: Apply cuticle softener then push the cuticle back and trim the dead cuticle.
– Callus treatment.
– Massage with lotion
– Apply nail polish.

2. Deluxe Spa Pedicure ——-$35

“L.A. Nails and Day Spa” only use “Creative” first-class products in our salon to perform exceptional service for each of our clients.
SEA ROCKS SOAK: Use to clean and deodorize feet with natural antiseptic oils. Hydrates and softens skin. Reduces inflammation.
CUTICLE TREATMENT: Apply CUTICLE ERASER micro-exfoliate cuticles and condition the nail plate and surrounding skin.
CALLUS TREATMENT: SEA SERUM breaks the bonds between dead skin calls in tough calluses.
EXFOLIATION: SEA SALT GLOW physically exfoliates with mineral and Dead Sea salts leave skin soft with Sunflower oil and Yarrow Flower Extract.

MASK: MARINE MASQUE cools he feet with natural menthol. Provides a “facial Like” treatment for the feet. Draws moisture into the skin with Panthenol.

MASSAGE: MASSAGE OIL or MASSAGE SILK perfectly lubricates skin for an effective massage. Leaves skin moisturized and feeling silky smooth and soft
HEEL TREATMENT: CUCUMBER HEEL THERAPY that intensive moisturizing complex that aids in the repair of dry cracked skin.

3. Pearl Spa Pedicure 50 Minutes for —–$50

Beauty jewels from the deep sea.
Pearl powder is a finely milled powder from quality freshwater pearls. It is naturally comparable and easily absorbed by the skin and body. Proven safe to ingest and apply to skin directly.

Pearl powder contains about 18 amino acids and over a dozen minerals. Including 10 essential amino acids necessary for human body to heal and maintain cell nutrition. These essential building blocks of collagen and protein each has a specific function. Deficiency of any one of the key amino acids causes the skin to look coarse, depleted, old and wrinkled.
Healing SkinSkin BrighteningAnti AgingDeep Moisturizing

1. Spa Manicure ——-$15

– Sanitize client’s hands in selective mix liquid soap and water.
– Shape the best-suited client’s fingernails and removing old polish.
-Cuticle Treatment: Which includes Soften Cuticles, Loosen Cuticles, Removing dead Cuticle, and clean the under the free edge of each nail.
– Massage client’s finger, hand, and arms with First Class Grade Lotion.
– Hot wax: Dip client’s hands in Paraffin wax for $3.00 extra
– Apply nail polish.

2. Deluxe Spa Manicure ——-$20

The following first class “CREATIVE” products are used to perform an exceptional Deluxe Manicure
* Mix CITRUS SOAK with water into a bowl for effective clean hands and hydrates skin.
* Shape the best-suited client’s finger nails and removing old polish.
*Cuticle Treatment: Apply CUTICLE ERASER micro-exfoliate cuticles and condition the nail plate and surrounding skin.
* Exfoliation: EXFOLIATING CRYSTAL, the first phase hand exfoliating to help protect skin against environmental and sun damage with vitamin E.
– CRYSTAL ACTIVATOR. The second phrase hand exfoliation, to dissolved Exfoliating Crystal, return skin to balance pH level, moisturizes and deeply penetrates the skin.
* Massage: massage with FINISHING LOTION, A creamy moisturizer rich in Ceramides and citrus essential oils that helps defend against aging, restores elasticity and locks moisture into skin, helps repair damaged skin.
* Apply nails polish.


Stress and strain melt away with a leg and/or hand in the warm stones held in our hands wrapped in warm, moist towels.
Per scientific study, a hot stone massage will:
– Invigorate and stimulate hand, arm and legs massage follows to induce circulation
– Help reduce stress
– Benefit people who are on their feet all day
– Help people who work with their hands
– Anyone who wants to relax and feel great
– Inducing a deeper level of relaxation. A wonderful effective and aging treatment.

Polish Change Hands$5
Polish Change Feet$7
Design$3 up
French Polish Hands$7
French Polish Feet$10
($5 additional for a french polish with a manicure or pedicure)
Cut & Shape$5
Hot Stone Massage for Ped/Man$5
Hot Towel$5
Design$3 up
($5 for design on two fingers/toes with a manicure or pedicure)
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